Eylül 19, 2023

Paw-Patented Rubber Tiles

It is time to shed some light on paw tiles issues.

HDM Rubber is a manufacturer and exporter company known for its quality products. Since its establishment in 2012, it has sold its products to domestic customers and did not establish its own export unit until the beginning of 2023. During this period, domestic customers sold HDM Rubber’s products abroad. However, against the companies producing poor quality products and using the HDM brand, our company started to produce paw-patterned tiles. Every product with this paw pattern gives the message that it is under the guarantee of HDM Rubber.

Again, unfortunately, some companies tried to sell their products as if they were HDM’s products by illegally imitating the paw pattern and producing imitation products. After the warnings from our customers, this issue was addressed and the paw problem was solved.

HDM Rubber carries out the marketing of paw products and other tiles and rolls produced in hot press through its own export unit.
Just in case, please contact us if you encounter a poor-quality paw tile.